Chronic back pain doesn't have to feel like a life sentence.

Does This Sound Familiar?  


  • You want to alleviate your lower back pain without surgery or medication and have tried everything 

  • You’re tired of being defined, restricted and frustrated by your lower back pain

  • You want to get back to being able to participate in the “normal” activities of life that you once took for granted

  • You want to change your relationship with the pain so you can show up for yourself, your family and your friends

  • You’ve heard that mindfulness can help you work with pain and want to know how



I've Been There.

I Know How It Feels.


  • Angry at your back, at life and with yourself.


  • Guilty for feeling irritated by those who genuinely want to help, but can’t.


  • Exhausted, overwhelmed and scared.


  • Trapped in a cycle of despair.


  • Tired of having your hopes of returning to a pain-free life raised up again and again, only to have them come crashing back down when things don’t go as expected. 


What if all you needed was 10 weeks to transform your relationship with pain?


Hi there!


I'm Karim.


My journey with lower back pain has spanned over 10 years, 20 countries and countless specialists, treatments and techniques.


Now I'm sharing what I've learned along the way to help others live well with lower back pain.




I Want to Be Clear - 

the Back to Being Method

is Not For Everybody


This method is for you if:


  • You’ve come to a point where the conventional approaches simply aren’t working, and you need a fresh perspective on the struggle with lower back pain


  • You are open to trying new exercises and techniques as part of a mindfulness-based, integrative approach to pain relief


  • You are willing to make your wellbeing a primary focus, and to commit 45 min a day, for the next 10 weeks


  • You are ready to confront and break the lifestyle habits... that you know deep down are making things worse


Mindfulness Gave Me a New Perspective On Pain



This is possible for you too. 



The Back to Being Method helps you enjoy the little things in life without pain, anxiety and pills.


"I’ve had back pain for over 20 years. Back to Being’s mindfulness module not only reminded me to be aware of what I’m feeling when I experience discomfort, but also taught me that I have control over how I perceive and respond to these feelings and sensations. This in combination with exercising to strengthen my back have made a huge difference in overcoming back pain both physically and mentally."

Dr. Christina

"There are so many aspects of the programme that I can apply right away in my daily life.

Not only for my chronic pain, but also at home and in my work. There's so much wisdom shared I can't even begin to tell you...!"

Dr. Aparna
Parenting & KonMari Consultant

"By Week 3, I already knew that of all the back pain videos I'd seen, these were up there with the best of them and I've suffered from back pain for 15 years.

I realise now it is so important for us to understand what is happening from a mind-body perspective, on top of a specialist telling you there's a structural problem with your discs.."


Media Executive

Next Guided Cohort: 21 Apr 2023 

Compassion, Consistency & Community

Are you tired of feeling this way and ready to get back to life? 

A healthier happier version of you awaits. 


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Breathe out.

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